To : Mr. Do, Editor of Viet Herald Daily News
Dear Editor,
I am writing this e-mail to inform you about an article was posted on your Viet Herald Daily News.
On Tuesday, September 8,2009, an article on page A4 appeared in the Viet Herald Daily News with the headline " Cựu học sinh Nông Lâm Súc Bao Loc mung sinh nhat web duoc 2 tuoi " has four paragraphs inside quotation mark. Infact, those paragraphs were taken from my website without my permisson or consent.
This kind of reporting violates the most basic rules of journalism ethics, and this is also copyright violation and needs to be deal with accordingly.
The article are using copyrighted and protected material on my website This is original content and I am the author and copyright holder.. I do not think the person who wrote that report did not known the difference between .net  or .com because he was intention changing .com by .net in the second paraghaph from the original content which I wrote on June, 2007.
Therefore, I kindly request Viet Herald Daily News take one or more of the following actions immediately
 - Re-write the post to include excerpts with a link to the original content, and make a correction on Viet herald Daily News
 - Requesting will not post that report on their website.
-Apologized for the mistake that allegedly is not authorized by the copyright owner.
I expect a response within 3 days to this issue .Thank you for your immediate action on this matter.
Attached is copy of the original with post date.
Sincerely yours,
Anh Dong
 email :